[2018] [欧美] [喜剧] [BT下载][忙人日记][BD-MP4/1.81GB/3.46GB][法语中字][720P/1080P]

导演: 埃尔威·米姆兰

编剧: 埃尔威·米姆兰

主演: 莱拉·贝蒂 / 法布莱斯·鲁奇尼

类型: 剧情 / 喜剧

制片国家/地区: 法国

语言: 法语

上映日期: 2018-11-07(法国)

片长: 100分钟

又名: 尖峰人生暫停一下 (台)

IMDb链接: tt6948326

 Alain, a business man in a hurry, short after the time. In his life, no place for recreation or the family. When a day, a stroke makes him lose the language and use a word for another one. To the hospital, he is taken in hand by Jeanne, a young speech therapist, which he is learning again, as a child, the language and the patience.

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