[2018] [欧美] [悬疑] [百度网盘][超越生死的夜晚 Beyond the Night][BD-MP4/2GB][中英双字幕][720P][万众期待]


超越生死的夜晚 Beyond the Night


◎译  名 超越生死的夜晚 
◎片  名 Beyond the Night 
◎又  名 The Awakening / 
◎年  代 2018 
◎产  地 美国  
◎类  别 剧情 悬疑 惊悚  
◎豆瓣评分 0/10 from 4 users 
◎导  演 Jason Noto   
◎编  剧 坦米·布兰查德   赞恩·霍尔茨   Azhy Robertson   凯特琳·梅纳   
◎主  演 坦米·布兰查德 
       Azhy Robertson 

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        Soldier Ray Marrow (Zane Holtz) returns home after active duty in Syria when his wife is killed in a car accident. Meanwhile, 5-year-old son Lawrence Marrow (Azhy Robertson), who survived the accident, gets post-traumatic stress disorder and it begins to manifest in strange ways. The boy begins to show a supernatural knowledge of the disappearance of a young woman, causing Ray to be the target of a local gangster. 

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